Red Bull 1,000,000 Bottles Giveaway Contest

RED BULL 1,000,000 BOTTLES GIVEAWAY” contest.

This three month-long contest in collaboration with Pos Malaysia commenced on the 1st of April 2011 till the 30th of June 2011 is open to all Red Bull customers who purchase the energy drink (Red Bull Gold and Red Bull Less Sugar) during the contest period.

There are two exciting categories of this contest:

The first category is an instant win where consumers simply purchase a can of red bull and look behind the ring for a printed code.

  • If the ring has the word “WIN” printed, the consumer win RM100 cash*
  • If the ring has the word “BOT” printed, consumer can redeem a bottle of red bull at any Pos Malaysia office

The second category requires consumers to fill up a form and count the number of bottle printed on the respective form. Complete submission with slogan will be shortlisted and weekly winners will be notified by RED fm.

In this category, consumers stand a chance to win Yamaha Fino  Motorcycles, Plasma TV and skate scooters.

In total, there are 1 Million bottles of Red Bull, RM500,000 cash, 20 units of Yamaha Fino, 50 units of 42” Plasma TV and 1000 units of Skate scooters to be won!

* Consumers may redeem the cash by calling the designated number

Distributor’s List | T&C

We Have Our Week 1 Winners!

contest winners

Our Week 2 Winners – Yamaha Fino
1. Noorjehan Binti Abdul Gaffoor (700809-10-XXXX)
2. Aidel Redzuan Bin Abbas (780114-01-XXXX)

Our Week 3 Winners – Yamaha Fino
1. Chan Geok Lan (550831-04-XXXX)
2. Chew Kok Cheng (730820-11-XXXX)

Our Week 4 Winners – Yamaha Fino
1. Mohd Azuan Bin Arifin (720831-03-XXXX)
2. Nur Nazreen Binti Mohd Bidin (900705-11-XXXX)



Plasma TV 42″:  Click here to see the list of winners



Skate Scooter:  Click here to see the list of winners

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