Red Bull® is much more than a soft drink it is an energy drink.

It was made for moments of increased physical and mental stress and improves endurance, alertness, concentration and reaction speed. In short: It vitalizes body and mind. The effectiveness of Red Bull® Energy Drink has been proven by a large number of scientific studies and is appreciated by many of the world’s top athletes and drivers, opinion-leaders and hard-working people with active lifestyles.

Today, one in three Malaysians have tried and consumed Red Bull® Energy Drink – “ the leading brand in its market sector.More than a billion cans of Red Bull® are consumed each year in over 70 countries around the globe, making this the world’s No. 1 energy drink!

What is Red Bull®?

Red Bull® is an energy drink specially developed for moments of increased physical and mental stress and improves endurance, alertness, concentration and reaction speed. In short: It vitalizes body and mind.

What are the effects of Red Bull®?

Red Bull® Energy Drink :
  • Increases physical endurance
  • Increases concentration and reaction speed
  • Improves vigilance
  • Improves emotional status
  • Stimulates metabolism
Red Bull® Energy Drink is an energizer, developed particularly for periods of mental and physical stress and strain. It can be drunk in virtually any situation: during sports, at work, whilst driving and in leisure activities.

What’s the best time to take Red Bull®?

Whenever you need to boost your energy or concentration! Red Bull® is for pre- and post-situations, i.e. either before one expects to face Increased physical and mental exertion, and/or after one has gone through mental and physical exertion. It is recommended to drink one can of Red Bull® Energy Drink about 30 minutes before the start of a concentration task or the start of a race or game in sports. This is about the time for the ingredients of Red Bull® Energy Drink to become effective in the body.

How many cans of Red Bull® Energy Drink can one consume per day?

Red Bull® is a functional drink and not a thirst quencher. Generally, you can compare is digestibility with that of coffee, and this is a good guide to the amount you can drink. It is recommended that the daily consumption including the consumption at one time of Red Bull® Energy Drink should conform to a person’s intake of caffeine, and this varies from person to person. The caffeine in one can of Red Bull® equals that of one cup of filtered coffee.

How should Red Bull® Energy Drink be used in sports? When should it be consumed during sports?

The use of Red Bull® Energy Drink in sports varies depending on the athlete and the type of sport. Red Bull® Energy Drink can be consumed before, during and after physical activity. Before: Many athletes drink 1 can of Red Bull® Energy Drink half an hour before training or competing – allowing them to focus and ensure fast reaction times. During: Those performing in intense endurance sports often prefer to consumer 1-2 cans of Red Bull® Energy Drink during an activity, together with adequate amounts of water. This is often beneficial to team sports that have half-time rest periods. After: Other athletes use one can of Red Bull® Energy Drink after competing or training to aid recovery. Red Bull® Energy Drink contains caffeine, and should therefore not be drunk in excess (more than 4 cans) before sports. It is not a fluid replacement and has not been formulated to deliver re-hydration. Water should be consumed in addition to Red Bull® Energy Drink during exercise.

What are the ingredients of Red Bull® Energy Drink?

One can of Red Bull® Energy Drink (250ml) contains the following ingredients: Red Bull ingredients Furthermore, it contains, inositol, citric acid / sodium citrate as acidifier, colours (caramel, riboflavin) and flavors.


One can of Red Bull® Energy Drink contains 1000 mg taurine.

What is Taurine?

Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid. Taurine is naturally occurring in our body, mainly in muscle, brain, heart and blood. A person weighing 70 kg has approximately 70g of taurine distributed throughout the body. Put another way, a 70 kg person naturally has in his body 70 times the amount of taurine contained in one can of Red Bull® Energy Drink. Taurine is also contained in the daily diet (scallops, fish, poultry) and in most infant formulae.

Taurine is a non-protein-building amino acid.

“Conditionally essential” means that in some situations or under certain conditions it is necessary to supply the body with taurine. Relative taurine loss via the urine can occur in situations of high stress and physical exertion. In these situations the excretion of taurine via the urine increases and taurine cannot be synthesized in the body in sufficient amounts.

Functions of Taurine in the Human Body

Thermo-regulation: Taurine helps to keep up the body temperature. For example, when you perform sports your body heats up. Taurine helps to regulate the body temperature so that you do not get too cold or too hot. Stress-regulation: Recent research also indicates that taurine could play a significant role in stress regulation. Taurine has been shown to increase the performance of the heart. Taurine has been shown to promote detoxification by binding harmful substances and thereby accelerating their excretion


One can of Red Bull® Energy Drink contains 400mg of glucuronolactone.

What is Glucuronolactone?

Glucuronolactone is a carbohydrate, a kind of sugar. It is naturally occurring in our bodies where it is produced from glucose. It is also present in different foodstuffs such as grain or red wine.

Functions of Glucuronolactone in the Human Body:

Detoxifying Function: It helps to eliminate waste substances from the body which are produced within the body (endogenous) or which are taken up from the environment (exogenous). Waste substances / toxins are bound by glucuronolactone, thereby made water-soluble so they can be easily excreted via the kidneys. Glucuronolactone mediates the detoxification process by stabilizing the toxic compounds so they cannot be re-absorbed whilst passing through the elimination route.


One can of Red Bull® Energy Drink contains 50mg of inositol.

What is Inositol?

Inositol is a carbohydrate, a natural constituent of the human body where it is produced from glucose. Inositol is also contained in foodstuffs such as grains, citrus fruits, liver, raisins, peanuts and cabbages.

Functions of Inositol in the Human Body

Inositol is involved in detoxification processes (see taurine and glucuronolactone for further explanation).


One can of Red Bull® Energy Drink contains: Red Bull vitamins

Functions of Vitamins in the Human Body

Vitamins are essential micronutrients that are required for maintaining normal physical functions. B-group vitamins play a key role in the energy metabolism (build-up and break-down of carbohydrates, fat and protein). The B vitamins contained in Red Bull® Energy Drink play an important role in enhancing mental performance and physical endurance. A shortage of B vitamins leads to a drop in both physical and mental abilities.

Red Bull Malaysia Energy Drink Contents is Safe, Halal and in Accordance to Local Food Regulations

Red Bull Malaysia energy drink distributed in Malaysia does not contain any drugs or alcohol and has been certified ‘halal’ since its distribution in 1993. The contents within the drinks of Red Bull Malaysia and even the packaging differ from the International versions. In Malaysia, Red Bull is only available in 3 different versions namely; Red Bull Bottle (RBB -150 ml), Red Bull 25% Less Sugar (RBX – 250 ml) and Red Bull Gold (RBG – 250 ml). The Malaysian public should be reassured that Red Bull energy drink imported by Allexcel Trading Sdn Bhd in the forms of the below visuals are in accordance to local food regulations. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE REGARDING THE USE/INGREDIENTS OF RED BULL® ENERGY DRINK PLEASE EMAIL US AT Maklumat Produk >>

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